Photograph from the 2012 performance.
  1. What is "In The Miller Mood?"
    A: It's a unique entertainment package that includes a buffet dinner, a spectacular Broadway-style show, and dancing to a big band orchestra. The show highlights entertainment that America has loved through the decades - in particular the WWII Era of Big Band Music (see video clips) Veterans, Active Military, Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters are honored each year.
  2. Where/When is the show held?
    A: In the Evan Stevenson Ballroom (Taggart Student Center) on the Utah State University Campus in Logan, Utah (about 80 miles north of Salt Lake City). It's held once a year in September.
  3. Once we get to Logan, how do we find the USU Ballroom?
    A: Coming into Logan on Highway 89/91 (Main Street), turn east (right, if you are traveling North; left, if you are traveling South) at the light on 400 North. Go to 600 East, turn North (left) onto 600 East. Take the first right turn (500 North). You will come to a T intersection (700 East). Turn left (North), go up the hill. You will be on campus at the stoplight. Go through the light and turn right into the USU parking terrace. The building directly next to the parking terrace is the Taggart Student Center, housing the Evan Stevenson Ballroom.

    Click here
    for a map (PDF) of all campus parking, or here for a map (PDF) of visitor parking.
  4. What time is dinner?
    A: Dinner shows are Thurs. Fri. and Sat. Doors open at 7:00 PM. You will be ushered to your table and go immediately to the hot buffet for your dinner.
  5. Will I have to wait in line?
    A: Once the doors open, the lines move very rapidly. Every effort is made to be sensitive to the needs of our patrons and get you seated as quickly as possible.
  6. Will the orchestra accompany the show?
    A: Yes, the full orchestra will accompany the show and entertainment/dancing afterward. A combo will accompany dinner.
  7. How do we get tickets? (lt is advisable to get tickets early.)
    A: Buy Your Tickets 3 Ways!
    1. ONLINE: Buy & print at home with NO FEES!
      Overnight packages at the University Inn: (
    2. PHONE: Call 435-554-1049
  8. Photograph from the 2012 performance.
  9. Can we get a refund on tickets if necessary?
    A: There are no refunds or exchanges.
  10. Will we see the same show every year?
    A: No, a new show is presented each year.
  11. What if I don’t like to dance?
    A: Whether you dance or prefer just listening, the dance section is one of the most delightful segments of the evening. The Larry Smith Orchestra is composed of many musicians who accompanied the former USU Glenn Miller Show. They are joined by the Stardust Singers who entertain with tunes from the Big Band Era. Those attending who are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, corporations and etc. are recognized during the dance segment. Song requests are welcome.
  12. Are there overnight packages?
    A: The University Inn ( 435-797-0017 or 1-800-231-5634 has a limited number of overnight packages. You can check local motels at or Friday night accommodations are very limited.
  13. How can l perform in the show?
    A: Go to the Auditions page for information.
  14. What will we have for dinner?
    A: The typical menu is detailed on the Dining Page. All menu items are prepared and served by the award-winning Utah State University Catering Services.
  15. What should I wear?
    A: This is not a casual evening. Sunday Best is in order, as well as attire from formal to semi-formal. The evening is perfect for that formal you have tucked away. Sequins and tuxedos are appropriate as well as suits/ties and best dress. Military and all Service uniforms are especially encouraged.
  16. What else can we do while in the Logan Area?
    A: Click here to find other events.
  • Photograph from the 2012 performance.
  • Photograph from the 2012 performance.
  • Photograph from the 2012 performance.
  • Photograph from the 2012 performance.