Photograph of Brenda Anthony.
Brenda Anthony
Executive Director
The Celebrate America Show (CAS) was first produced in September, 1999, for the purpose of offering a patriotic musical event in conjunction with the Annual Constitution Week Celebration in Logan, Utah. The first Celebrate America Show featured several performers and musicians including local singers, dancers and the Crestmark Orchestra. Since its beginning, Celebrate America has grown and evolved into a professional big band evening with a stirring tribute to the brave men and women of the armed forces. The week-long function is held annually in September at the Utah State University ballroom and features dinner by Award-Winning USU Catering Services, and a nostalgic, patriotic themed floor show featuring the Stardust Singers, Dancers and Ballroom Dancers. Patrons are delighted to find there's a bonus showAFTER a brief intermission, when the band and singers present supper-club entertainment featuring the music Glenn Miller and others big bands of the era including: In The Mood; Sing, Sing, Sing; I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo; Stardust; Tuxedo Junction and many others.

The Celebrate America Show was founded in the spirit of patriotism and community outreach. Our Mission Statement: "We Celebrate America by providing quality musical entertainment through performing arts that educate, honor the past and inspires the future". Over the last several years, it has expanded beyond the week-long event to also include a Christmas program, an educational outreach program and tour to Sun Valley and other areas. As Celebrate America continues to grow, the dream of its founders continues to evolve into reality. Those who live in our community are proud of this unique organization that has garnered local, state and national acclaim.

Founder & Executive Director Brenda Anthony, says, "The Celebrate America Show truly is a unique evening, one thats sure to impress even the most discriminating tastes. We have a great creative team who do a remarkable job presenting an event with all the elements audiences have come to love: a delicious dinner, a dazzling show with wonderful production numbers and fabulous costumes, and a bonus supper-club show featuring the Stardust Singers and Larry Smith Orchestra : patrons may dance or just bask in the enjoyment of the evening!

From the beginning, our goal has been to provide extraordinary entertainment that features the big band era and enhances the performing arts while fostering a sense of gratitude for America – her Veterans, Active Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters." The experience is designed to recreate what it would be like to attend a supper-club show during the Glenn Miller Era, hence the name, "In The MILLER Mood".

History Of Shows

  • 1999 - Constitution Week
  • 2000 - Yankee Doodle Dandy
  • 2001 - Alexander's Ragtime Band
  • 2002 - New York, New York
  • 2003 - You Are My Lucky Star
  • 2004 - Road to Morocco - A Tribute to Bob Hope
  • 2005 - That's Entertainment
  • 2006 - Canteen Night at the Copacabana
  • 2007 - Fascinating Rhythm
  • 2008 - Aloha-USO
  • 2009 - Yankee Doodle Dazzle
  • 2010 - Hooray For Hollywood
  • 2011 - In The Miller Mood
  • 2012 - In The Miller Mood - USO Style
  • 2013 - Armed Forces Radio
  • 2014 - New York, It's a Wonderful Town

Photograph from the 2012 performance.The Celebrate America Show is a 501(C) non-profit Not-For-Profit Corporation.

Your contributions will help keep this tradition going. Organize friends, clubs, groups to attend together. Be sure to check out the "group rates" for the Tuesday & Wednesday shows. Your family will love to attend together - buy several tables and invite friends, businesses and corporations to do the same. There's no better way for a corporation to make a great impression.

The success of the show is a tribute to those who dedicated years of effort to promote quality big band entertainment including: Richard & Paula Watkins, Frank & Norma Dupree, Derek Furch, Jan & Laura Benson, Jim Chapman, Brenda Anthony, and many others.

They have our heartfelt appreciation - as do you, our wonderful audience.

Thank You!

  • Photograph from the 2012 performance.
  • Photograph from the 2012 performance.
  • Photograph from the 2012 performance.
  • Photograph from the 2012 performance.