My wife and I attended (Celebrate America Shows) the past five or six years. We enjoy them enough to drive about 1200 miles each way to attend. We have always rated the shows above anything we have seen in Las Vegas - a fine piece of family entertainment, and being a veteran of three wars I fully appreciate your efforts to honor veterans. We will be there as long as you folks put on the shows.

- Von W. Freeman - Col. U.S. Army Retired

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People like us from many cities in Utah, and from California and Oregon... express gratitude for this... lavish musical entertainment, the likes of which we seldom see even in "so called" entertainment cities! Celebrate America is a resounding success! We love LOGAN... and we salute the Celebrate America Show!

- Carl & Nada Lechtenberg

We took our parents to the show for their 50th wedding anniversary. It was a wonderful evening - good food, fun dancing, and a great show that brought back fond memories of the big band days to our parents.

- Dr. & Mrs. Gary Harris

We are grateful to witness such a delightful effervescent outpouring of patriotism & talent. It is the highlight of our entertainment year. A sincere thank you to everyone responsible.

- Clair & Karen Batty

Fantastic entertainment! It truly touches the heart.

- Lee & Yvonne Roderick

Very patriotic in an entertaining setting. Logan needs more of this quality of entertainment.

- Brad & Teri White

A spectacular production! The Celebrate America Show is one of the best 'happenings' Cache Valley has to offer... not to be missed!

- Dr. & Mrs. Brent Peterson

We loved the performance. It was awesome.

- Robert & Jean Wilmore

Better than a Broadway show! Music, dancing and singing with all else was great entertainment.

- Clair Lundberg

One outstanding and glorious production! Thank you with all my heart for a forever memorable evening.

- El Marie Gunnell

Patriotic, dazzling, spectacular, reminiscent -- all these words accurately describe the annual Celebrate America Show held in Logan (Utah). This elegant evening of unforgettable entertainment combines dinner, dancing and a stunning Broadway-style show. A live 17 piece orchestra accompanies the show, and it is all to celebrate the spirit of America.

I visited with Brenda Anthony in Logan about the extravaganza. She explains that in years past, Utah State University held regular dinner-dance shows. After 25 years, the university decided to end the dinner-dances. Brenda says many people were saddened by the news and the community rallied to continue the tradition." ..."the performances showcase entertainment that Americans love, especially from the World War II era. There will be special tributes to veterans, law enforcement officers and fire fighters.

Brenda tells me that a live combo band will play dinner while guests enjoy a delicious buffet dinner catered by Utah State University's food service. (I can attest that the university food service's menu is always delectable; Utah State has won many awards for its outstanding cuisine and service.)

When the orchestra signals "show time," you will be transported back in time by a glittering and fast-paced performance. You'll be tapping your toe and humming along with the sparkling Celebrate America singers and dancers as they entertain you with timeless music that continues to captivate our nation. The costumes are dazzling, the performance wholesome and energetic. The evening will conclude with dancing, or just listening to the tunes of Tommy Dorsey, Artic Shaw, Glenn Miller and other famous bands from the Big Band era. I love that Big Band Sound!

For Zion Bank, I'm Fred Ball. I'm speaking on Business.

- Fred Ball - KSL Radio

August 19, 2005

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What could be more American than apple pie, baseball - and Bob Hope. For decades, Hope was the best America had to offer - funny, honest and close to the hearts of everyone in the country. This year, with special permission from Hope Enterprises and the Bob Hope Family, the choreographed portion of Logan's annual Celebrate America show, a big-band dinner and dance, will feature a tribute to the career of the man some consider to be the most successful entertainer of all time. [read full article]

- The Statesman - Celebrate America: A tribute to Hope

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- Logan Herald Journal

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