Education Outreach

Photograph of the Uncle Sam Traveling Trophy
The Uncle Sam Traveling Trophy

The Education Outreach arm of the Celebrate America Show had a very successful beginning in 2013. CAS Founding Director, Brenda Anthony and Wilson Elementary School Principal, Sundee Ware, were instrumental in establishing the vision for this unique educational experience. Wilson and Mt. Logan Middle School participated the first year. Music teachers, Karen Teuscher and Tina Andrews, created lesson plans that were taught to participating 4th and 5th grades. Students learned the important role Big Band music from the Glenn Miller Era played during World War II -- how music helped build morale and hope. Students enjoyed learning songs, which they performed during the Education Outreach performance of the Celebrate America Show. Their excitement and enthusiasm can be described as "electric" as they sang with the orchestra and cast. They loved the music.

In 2014, Education Outreach expanded to also include Greenville, Hillcrest and Lewiston schools. The fun tradition of awarding one school the Uncle Sam traveling trophy was begun. The winning school displays Uncle Sam for a year - till the next Celebrate America Show, when he is passed on to the school with the best attendance and enthusiasm.

Photograph of the Uncle Sam Contest Winner Sign: 'Winner Uncle Sam Contest. Celebrate America Show 2014. Best Attendance - Fourth and Fifth Grades'.
As we continue to expand our Education Outreach program in the local schools, we hope to teach young people the historical significance of music in American history, particularly the 1940's Big Band era, and give them the opportunity to perform the music with the Celebrate America Show. We believe there is a need to show gratitude and appreciation for the freedom we enjoy on a daily basis, and to the men and women who sacrifice to make that freedom possible. A need to celebrate the GOOD in America, to educate our youth that they may better connect: younger generations to the "Greatest Generation". There is a need to build morale and give hope for a brighter America. A need to preserve and pass along "America's music". The Celebrate America Show does just that through our Education Outreach program.

If you would like your school to participate please contact us: